Axel Johnson International

For three years in a row, I had the opportunity to produce concepts and final designs for the annual reports of Axel Johnson International. Each year I faced different challenges in terms of telling their on-going story. The theme for the last report was built on the company’s expert abilities in "adding value" to their clients. To prove that point it was decided to focus on cases and success stories, hence our choice of an editorial approach for a more suitable framing of the message.

My role: Concept, design, art direction and layout from initial concept through to completion. During the first year I worked in collaboration with H + K Sweden, and later on directly with the client.
Client: Axel Johnson International.


For the second report the theme was chosen to reflect Axel Johnson International being "a good place to be". That might sound presumptuous and I must say that I have heard my fair share of company BS over the years although in this case I already knew this to be true. 

The visual approach was an attempt to emphasise prosperity, a sense of belonging, gender equality and being a good partner in business, either in a merger or as a supplier of services or goods.