BLMBRG offers versatile and quiet luxury womenswear at accessible prices, made to last with respect for people and the planet. The brand was born through the founders Sara Pålbrant Blomberg’s and Mattias Blomberg’s interest in art, design, photography and architecture. After long fashion and design careers in Stockholm and London, it was time to create something close to their heart. Championing mindful consumption.

As the brand director, my main responsibility is to secure that the BLMBRG brand is coming through as one voice in all our channels by building up and maintaining the BLMBRG brand experience. Besides monitoring, my role will be that of a hands-on in-house agency.

My role: Concept, design, art direction, web- and SoMe development from initial concept to completion. 
Photography: David Thompson /
Client: Myself.
Instagram: @blmbrgstudios

Since organic growth and word of mouth is the preferred approach, SoMe is crucial and Instagram is the preferred channel. Referrals are the most authentic and strongest marketing form of all and are totally in line with the brand values. The aim is to engage Macro influencers to drive visibility and awareness, and Micro-influencers for authenticity, engagement, and sales. All images are reused from the website and naturally linked to the same through the bio.