Bohm & Bee is a brand that targets women in equestrian and with a penchant for outdoor life. The clothes are manufactured in London, and the brand positions itself in the higher price range. Quality, fit and craftsmanship are keywords. The task was to rebrand this relatively small yet within its community well-known brand before launching its first store. 

To me, Bohm & Bee is as British as it gets with the flavours of mulled wine, fantastic tweed fabrics accompanied by the sound of hunting dogs; hence the choice of Baskerville was a no brainer. What was missing in the previous branding was a graphic element embossed in buttons and embraided into labels, so I started working with a symbol to be combined with the name. I soon noticed that the negative space within the name's initials could be used positively.

My role: Concept, design and layout of the logo and graphic identity from initial concept to completion.
Direct client