Marks and Spencer fragrances

Marks and Spencer considered branching out the Autograph brand with a collection of fragrances for men and women. I was assigned to present mood boards for the scents and ideas for the packaging to test the waters before making a final decision. I did my research, applied the Autograph filter, and presented initial sketches along with my thoughts. Unfortunately, it never came to fruition, but it was great fun

My role: Concept, design, art direction and layout from initial concept to completion. 
Illustrations: Sara Singh / illustration Division.

Client: Marks and Spencer.

The mood boards were based on five fragrances in the initial brief. Air, Sun, Bloom, Forest, and Wood. Each scent had a list of notes that made up the different scents, and the mood boards aimed to visualise this in preparation for the design and the decision process.

The packages needed to stand out in Marks and Spencer’s already crowded assortment of fragrances yet have the contemporary look and feel, which was key for Autograph. I decided to enhance the beautiful illustrations by using metallic foil, which contrasted with the black typographic on white boxes. This gave the boxes a clean and distinctive look with a touch of luxury. In the Christmas version, all graphics were made in gold foil. 

02SaraS_Bloom_01_PerfumeMock-up_ bottle&box_ topview02SaraS_Bloom_01_PerfumeMock-up_ bottle&box_ topview
04SaraS_Forest_01_PerfumeMock-up_ bottle&box_ top view0304SaraS_Forest_01_PerfumeMock-up_ bottle&box_ top view03
01SaraS_Iris_01_PerfumeMock-up_ bottle&box_ topview01SaraS_Iris_01_PerfumeMock-up_ bottle&box_ topview
SaraS_Forest_MEN_01_Perfume Mock-up_ bottle & box_ top viewSaraS_Forest_MEN_01_Perfume Mock-up_ bottle & box_ top view