Nomad Foods

Nomad Foods is the largest frozen food company in Europe with a leading niche brands portfolio, including Birds Eye, Findus and iglo. They continuously develop their sustainability agenda by considering their role in the world and their impact as an organisation. They are working towards a future where both people and the planet can thrive. To inspire and educate their employees and clients and to easily hand out information to researchers, Nomad Foods set out to produce their third Sustainability report. The goal was to make the report easy to read while sticking to the GRI standards.

Since this is a matter close to me, I went to great lengths to marry the GRI standards with readability. In cooperation with the client, we editorially emphasised specific stats while referring the rest to the GRI index at the back. The report was made for easy reading, and by adding hyperlinks, the data was always reachable. The report turned out crisp, welcoming, and naturally aligned with the brand guidelines.

The report won “Best in the World in Category B13 Specialized Industrial Food” in the Hallbars Awards Competition for Sustainability Reports 2019.

My role: Concept, design, art direction and layout
Client: Nomad Foods Europe.