The Riksbank

In 2002 one of the most significant Swedish annual reports, The Riksbank Annual Report, landed on my desk. The Riksbank is Sweden’s central bank authorised by the Riksdag, the Swedish parliament (no pressure at all). It was a graphic designer’s dream due to its numerous graphs, extensive texts and numbers, and interesting people working there. Apparently, I did a good job because I finished the last of my equally many reports seven years later. 

The reports followed a given pattern of information, so the most intriguing task was to make the journey exciting year after year. The use of side stories and themes emphasised the structure of, and the difference between, the main chapters.

My role: Concept, design, art direction and later on layout as well. At first as an employee and later in collaboration with Logdesign.
Client: The Riksbank.


Transparency was a vital element of the first brief, so obviously, I had to cut holes in the cover to present the reader with a physical insight into what the bank was up to. And just as important, forcing the Riksbank to see the society it serves.