Urban Tribes

The client, previously called Running Sweden, are a team of professional running coaches who made running in a group easy, accessible and engaging. They needed to rename and rebrand their offer towards individuals and, more importantly, partner companies and organisations. The task was to develop a more inspiring name and logo capable of being incorporated into the visual guidelines of these other businesses.

The solution was two logotypes. The first was the standalone Urban Tribe corporate logo. The second was designed to adapt to the visual guidelines of the partner companies and organisations. The feeling I went for was cave painting meets Banksy. Tribal heritage with an urban, modern twist.

My role: Concept, design and layout from initial concept through to completion. In collaboration with H+K Sweden.
Client: Running Sweden.


The Urban Tribes partner logo is designed to adapt to the visual guidelines of partner companies or organisations, in this case, SATS. They are the leading training group in Scandinavia. The Urban Tribes logotype is separated yet easily integrated into any "parent" logotype by a vertical line and rendering the foot in the parent logotype's colour scheme.